Gangnam Style Tutorial

Op! Op! Op! Oppa Gangnam Style!
I know I’m a little late to be posting this, but I just HAD to share this tutorial on how to make a Gangnam Style Halloween Costume. Sure, you can buy a cheesy-looking $10 t-shirt online that resembles like Psy’s signature look… But why not make it all your own?

Gather your supplies:
1 cotton blazer (needs to be a natural fabric in order to dye it!)
1 bottle of Rit aquamarine liquid dye
a plastic container large enough to dye your blazer in
black ribbon
tacky glue
black button(s)

1. Follow the instructions on the Rit Dye bottle and dye your blazer. I let my blazer sit in the dye bath for about 30 minutes to ensure that I got a bright blue hue. Wash & dry your blazer.
Gangnam Style, Dye Bath

2. Attach the black ribbon to the edges of the blazer to create the black “piping” look from Psy’s blazer. Don’t forget to create the black piping around the pockets, even if your blazer doesn’t have pockets!
Gangnam Style, Tacky Glue and Ribbon
3. Attach black button(s). I don’t have a proper picture showing how I replaced the white button with a black one, my apologies! (That’s my mom’s cat, TB)
Gangnam Style, pockets
4. Grab a pair of black sunnies, white button-up shirt, black bow-tie and put on your completed Gangnam Style blazer.
Gangnam Style, finished lookGangnam Style, finished look
That’s my hubster and me, Halloween 2012, on the left. The photo to your right is a guy who dressed up as another dude from the Gangnam Style music video that was out trick or treating with his friends’ kids.