Dinner: Kate’s Healthy and Delicious Mediterranean Vege Wrap

Okay, I would have just titled this recipe something simple like “Mediterranean Wrap,” but Kate Gosselin says otherwise. Her Healthy and Delicious Mediterranean Vege Wrap is delectable! Hubby loved the taste so much, he had seconds!


I used Mission’s sun-dried tomato basil wraps, Target’s Archer Farms spinach & artichoke hummus, and Athenos traditional feta cheese. I forgot to snap a picture of the jar of roasted red peppers I used, but there was only one brand available at Target, so that’s what I had to deal with. Still, it was awesome.


And yes, I do follow Kate Gosselin’s blog from time to time. I have enjoyed her Turkey Corn and White Bean Chili on many occasions. I know my sister Chastity loves that recipe. Kate Gosselin also has a cook book coming out in September that you can pre-order now. Someone let my husband know about this book so that he can surprise me for Christmas. k, thx.

*I am an unashamed Kate Plus 8 fan… what can I say…


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