DIY: Gel Air Fresheners part 1

I have been eyeing this DIY project since reading about it in the latest issue of Parents magazine (June 2013).

It’s a DIY recipe for gel air fresheners as seen on the blog One Good Thing by Jillee.Image

So I got my supplies together and enlisted the help of my hubby. Much to my chagrin, he obliged! A quick shout out to my SIL MacKenzie for helping me chose the silk flowers at Michael’s craft store today (I totally cheated on JoAnn’s, my usual go-to DIY craft store).ImageAs Jillee said in her recipe instructions, I substituted the potpourri with distilled water and Young Living’s Lemon essential oil. A month or so ago, my hubby and I attended an introductory class on Young Living essential oils. While I wasn’t completely sold on the homeopathy of the oils, I did enjoy some of the samples passed around–both the Lemon and Purification essential oils.  I did what any thrifty person would do and took to eBay and bought both oils and a substantial discount than what I would have actually paid through Young Living.

Tonight, hubby and I brewed up our first batch of gel air fresheners using Young Living’s Lemon essential oil… it’s cooling down right now, so tune in tomorrow to see and hear the results!


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