DIY: KitchenAid Mixer Cover part 1

I have to feature another two-part DIY adventure today because my mother and I got a little busy today and we weren’t able to complete our DIY KitchenAid mixer cover. I found the linked tutorial last year while I was searching online to buy a cover for my KitchenAid mixer. My mixer sits on my counter top, and I wanted to protect it from dust in between uses. I found this one on Amazon for $22.69… I have two problems with it– 1) its ugly red color 2) it’s expensive for an ugly red colored mixer cover. Why would I pay $22.69 for something that won’t even match my kitchen! On to the tutorial!
That’s my beautiful mixer. I started making the cover using muslin and the help of my awesome DIY queen mother, MaMa Joan. I cut out the template using the measurements from my mixer. I added a couple extra inches to each measurement for “play room” to make sure it will fit properly.
The above is the templates I cut out. The main body measures 34 inches by 16 inches and the front/back panel measures 12 inches by 17 inches.
MaMa Joan then baste stitched (it was the first time she used that stitch on her sewing machine and she had to look up the instructions!) it together and then we tossed it on my mixer to see how it would fit…
At the advise of MaMa Joan, I cut an inch off the main body. It did hang over a little too much. I didn’t worry about the bottom edges because I want to wait until the whole thing is put together and make sure the hem hits the counter top when the cover is on the mixer.
Here’s the fabric I chose from JoAnn’s…
Beautiful, right?!  Then MaMa Joan offered up some of her leftover batting and backing for me to pin together on my fabric. I had to add a couple inches on my template measurements because MaMa Joan will be quilting the fabric! Loves it! Here’s where we had to leave off tonight–the pinning part!
Stay tuned! Tomorrow’s post will feature part 2 and the completion of the KitchenAid mixer cover!


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