Gigi’s Cupcakes

Thanks to my gorgeous sister Karissa, I am addicted to the most flavorful, fun cupcakes my mouth has ever laid its taste buds on–Gigi’s Cupcakes. My mouth was first introduced to Gigi’s cupcakes a couple years ago when my hubby and I were visiting Karissa in the dirty south. I lovingly refer to the ATL as the dirty dirty. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I came to find out that there is a Gigi’s Cupcakes location in Minnesota! But alas, it’s all the way over in Golden Valley and I live clear across town. Here’s where my sister Chastity comes in–she is just a doll because when we all met up at my parents house to greet my oldest sister Melissa and her family, Chas had Gigi’s cupcakes in tow. I immediately cued the gates of heaven opening chorus and bowed on my knees, praising Chas and her awesomeness.

So, a few words about Gigi’s and why I love their cupcakes so damn much… Everyday Gigi’s has a different menu of cupcakes available. Today’s menu included mini cupcakes, which is what my sister opted for in order to give me the best value for my taste buds. Today’s assortment included wedding cake, birthday surprise, peanut buttercup and miss princess. My favorite is wedding cake. NOM NOM NOM! See the delectable pictures below!


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