DIY: Father’s Day Cards

For this Father’s Day, I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. Being my husband’s first Father’s Day, I wanted to celebrate by creating a special card for him from our son, Charles. So, last week my SIL MacKenzie  and MaMa Joan (my mother) helped me make these awesome Father’s Day cards for all the fathers in my life…
MacKenzie’s son Silas even got in on the fun and made his footprint tractor card for his daddy, too!
This project was super easy.
Here’s what I used:
green, yellow, & black acrylic paint
paint sponge brush
painter’s pad paper (to make the cards)
small paintbrush

First, I enlisted the help of my trusty SIL MacKenzie and MaMa Joan to help me swipe green paint on my son’s foot. Then, MacKenzie “stamped” his foot on each card using a rolling motion.  The rolling motion works best for fidgety infants (thanks for the help Mac & mom!)

After the footprint dried, I simply free-hand painted the tractor parts around the footprint according to the pin from Pinterest. It was a fun project and I can’t wait to do it again using another idea from Pinterest!

Side note: My grandfather on my dad’s side actually didn’t see the footprint in the tractor painting at first. Grandma had to point it out to him!

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