Stuff I Love: The Pampered Chef

I’m gonna give you a disclaimer right up front–I love Pampered Chef products and, as a former consultant, I shamelessly hock this stuff for my sister Melissa Guinn, a current consultant. If you want/need anything Pampered Chef, order through her website!

Anyways, my younger sister Chastity hosted a Pampered Chef party at her place this evening and we had a blast! Here’s a picture of Melissa, giving her Pampered Chef spiel and cooking up some BBQ chicken in the Deep Covered Baker.
We played a game while the BBQ chicken was cooking–for every question you asked Melissa about her business, she would give you one ticket. At the end of the question-asking, she drew a ticket out and that person won The Pampered Chef Itty BItty Bevs drink mix. Well, my mom and I pooled our tickets together and guess who ended up winning the drink mix…
My mom, MaMa Joan, the non-drinker!  HAHHAHAHAH! She promptly handed it over to me, because I’m her favorite daughter.
And to top it off, here’s a picture of the completed BBQ chicken on a King’s Hawaiian roll. NOM NOM NOM!


One thought on “Stuff I Love: The Pampered Chef”

  1. Thanks, Kelsey! And great photos, too. You can find the link to my website through my Facebook page. Love to see some new faces following my page, too!

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