Today was the day my son Charles had his first swimming experience and swimming lesson! My sister Chastity use to teach swim lessons at Foss Swim School, and I am blessed to have her graciously provide her teaching services to my hubby, Charles, and me, free of charge. Chastity is awesome with kids. I had the pleasure of watching her at work before she quit teaching at Foss and found out firsthand just how great she is at helping kids in the water. I knew from that moment (like 3-4 years ago now!) that I wanted Chastity to teach my future child(ren) how to swim. Also, I saw this video on YouTube…

That video is nothing less that awe-inspiring. I want Charlie to be safe in and around water, and I know the first step is to get him swim lessons ASAP. So today, with the help of my SIL MacKenzie’s father’s pool, Charlie got his first swimming lesson and pool experience! I normally don’t share pictures of my son online so this is a real treat… Here is Charlie with daddy in the pool…
Don and Charlie in the pool
Swim instructor Chastity helps Kyle (our brother) and Kyle’s son Silas with learning how to float on his back…
Kyle, Silas and Chastity in the pool
And finally, a fun picture of Nammy Joan (a.k.a. MaMa Joan) with Chastity and Katsie (our sister Melissa’s girl) in the hot tub, warming up…
Nammy Joan, Katsie and Chastity in the hot tub


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