June 23 – 28 years old

It’s my birthday! Birthday post!
Today I turned the big 2-8. I waited up until midnight for my hubby to return home from work. He brought me presents and was the first to wish me a happy birthday.
For lunch, my hubby took me to Osaka. We ate sushi and awesome fried rice. I confessed to the waiter that it was my birthday and he came out with a birthday dessert and this candle…
It had a sweet flare on it that lit all the candles and made the flower bloom–then is played the happy birthday song! It was the coolest birthday candle I’ve ever seen!
My sister Chastity showed up around 2 p.m. with Gigi’s cupcakes in tow. WHAT A GEM! She totally hit a home-run with these delicious cupcakes on my day of birth.
I am wonderfully blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with my Tennessean nephew and niece, Jacob and Emily Kate. They are the offspring of my eldest sister Melissa and her hubby Shadrick. Jacob and Emily Kate painted some pictures for me for my birthday…
Then, we headed over to MaMa Joan’s for grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and my favorite German chocolate cake!
We also had a bonfire and made s’mores. Here is a picture of Jacob and Emily Kate with marshmallow mouths! (Katsie has marshmallow hair!!!!)
I received a SECOND birthday cake from my hubby Donncuan. He got it from Dorothy Ann Bakery, the same place we got our wedding cake from 6 years ago. DELICIOUS cakes.
All in all, it was a pretty great day. I enjoyed myself thoroughly–even though my son wanted to stay up past his bedtime and celebrate mommy’s birthday by playing on his play mat… He’s after his own mother’s heart!


One thought on “June 23 – 28 years old”

  1. I’m glad you had such an awesome birthday!! We will have to go get a GiGi’s cupcake when I come visit in August because I’ve been hearing about them and the one Chaz brought you looks so delicious!

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