Get Organized: Gas Mileage & Maintenance Schedule

Am I the only one who neurotically keeps track of gas mileage?
That would be the tattered-up notebook that I keep in my car to record gas mileage, total gallons, cost of gas, total cost of gas purchased, etc.. Every time I fill up my tank I record the info in this logbook. It’s interesting to track the gas prices–in August of 2009, when I first got my car, gas was at a low $2.51 per gallon… When I filled up my tank yesterday, it was $3.45 a gallon. Sheesh!

This record-keeping obsession has now made it’s way into my vehicle’s maintenance. Just the other day I was actually reading my vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out what kind of maintenance schedule it should be on. (Does anyway actually read the manuals anymore?) I was surprised to find out that my vehicle should have a myriad of inspections and maintenance things done relatively frequently. Up until reading my manual, all I concerned myself with was getting the oil changed and having my hubby and father check out my vehicle anytime it made a funny noise. Now I’m obsessed with changing the AWD power transfer unit fluid every 21,000 miles, flushing the coolant every 100,000 miles, and changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter every 120,000 miles… just to name a few.

Creating a maintenance schedule for my car is work, but I’d like to think it will pay off in the future–preventative maintenance, people!  I realize that I could just copy and paste the maintenance schedule from the owner’s manual, but I wanted to tailor my maintenance schedule and make it look how I want it to look… it’s an aesthetic thing.


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