“Baby Cakes” Cake Pops!

Nammy Joan came over today to help my niece and nephew, Katsie and Jacob, make cake pops! Nammy Joan bought her “Baby Cakes” cake pop machine from Micheal’s craft store (using a coupon, of course).
Nammy Joan’s cake pop machine came with a couple different cake recipes, and we used the vanilla recipe to create our pops. Here are the kids helping Nammy make the batter…
We used a plastic zip bag to dispense the batter into each cake pop vessel…
And the machine came with a handy dandy double-pronged tool to take the cakes out…
The cake pops only took about 3-4 minutes to bake—really fast!
Then we dipped them in melted chocolate and peppermint white chocolate.
Sprinkles were applied while the chocolate was still melt-y. Then the cake pops were propped up in a foam block to solidify. (nevermind the cake pop that slide down it’s stick…)
These cake pops are so good, I have already had about 3 of them! Thanks, Nammy Joan, for helping the kids in the kitchen today!
Lastly, here’s “URANUS” cake pop. This was all Nammy Joan… She was cracking up at this cake pop’s shape…Image


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