Revisiting Halloween

I’m trying to get back in to the daily habit of posting SOMETHING in order to flex my writing skills a little bit every day. Back in June, I made it a goal to post every night after my son went to bed, so I’m aiming for that once again!

There were a few things I forgot to post about Halloween… First, MaMa Joan made this cute little treat bag for my son for Halloween!
halloween bag

MaMa Joan also made this super cute cross stitch piece for me to hang on my wall during my favorite holiday…
halloween frame
She blogged about it on her blog HERE.
Also, as my sister-in-law MacKenzie mentioned before, I should have posted a picture of what I won for having the best costume at her Halloween party. I got this tumbler full of Halloween treats!
halloween cup
Here’s a better picture of me in all my costumed glory (taken by my sister Chastity).
Judge Judy costume
Now I’m off to finish baking cakes for my son’s impending birthday smash cake. Wish me luck!

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