DIY: Santa Hand Ornament & Santa Onesie

Due to the fact that my hubby and I are expecting our second child soon and cash is tight, we decided to go DIY for this year’s Christmas presents for our parents. My friend Ashley had shared a post about making salt-dough hand ornaments painted like Santa–I immediately screen-captured it and went to work!
The ingredients are simple: 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 water
The instructions are even simpler: Mix together ingredients, make child’s imprint in salt-dough, make a hole in dough to hang ornament from ribbon, cut off the excess dough, bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours. I recommend baking the ornaments on wax paper–the first batch I made stuck to the cookie sheet and looked really gnarly on the back.

Here’s how they turned out!
I put my hubby to work with his mad painting skills! He is a better artist than I am.

In keeping with tradition, I dressed up my son as Santa again this year, but on a budget. Last year I was able to buy a Santa suit that fit his one-month old body… This year,instead of buying a onesie, I made my own!
I used 50% off coupons at JoAnn’s to get my supplies and followed a design that I found online…
I think it turned out fantastic!

One final note: with the start of the New Year, I’ve decided to participate in the Picture of the Day challenge once again! Every week, I will make one blog post with all of my POTDs (I post them on Facebook, too, but, you have to be my friend to see my photos). Happy New Year!


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