DIY: Facebook Cover Photo (finally, right Chaz?!)

One thing I truly loved about was how much I could personalize my page; but, it’s not 2003 anymore and I no longer use myspace–it’s all about Facebook now. So I made it a priority to learn how to customize my cover photo on Facebook in order to personalize my page more. I researched the dimensions of the cover photo (851 pixels x 315 pixels), found some cool free templates, and went to work in Adobe Photoshop.

I found this free template. It was relatively easy to figure out how to navigate the .psd file–kudos to the author, Mr. Reimer! I simply removed his photos and selected and re-sized my own photos. Here’s the final in all its glory!

If you’re interested in customizing your own Facebook cover photo–DO IT! Just make sure the template you use is free for personal (or commercial) use.

(This blog post is specifically for my lovely sister Chastity, who has been waiting for me to show her this for about 4 months now!)

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