DIY: Facebook Cover Photo (finally, right Chaz?!)

One thing I truly loved about was how much I could personalize my page; but, it’s not 2003 anymore and I no longer use myspace–it’s all about Facebook now. So I made it a priority to learn how to customize my cover photo on Facebook in order to personalize my page more. I researched the dimensions of the cover photo (851 pixels x 315 pixels), found some cool free templates, and went to work in Adobe Photoshop.

I found this free template. It was relatively easy to figure out how to navigate the .psd file–kudos to the author, Mr. Reimer! I simply removed his photos and selected and re-sized my own photos. Here’s the final in all its glory!

If you’re interested in customizing your own Facebook cover photo–DO IT! Just make sure the template you use is free for personal (or commercial) use.

(This blog post is specifically for my lovely sister Chastity, who has been waiting for me to show her this for about 4 months now!)


DIY: Baby Shower!

Two weeks ago I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends, Kelsey.
For decorations, I got my inspiration from none other than the fabulous website Pinterest! I was inspired by this cute, yet literal interpretation, of a “baby shower,” and this simple backdrop for the mom-to-be. I think both turned out well…

Kelsey at Baby Shower Kelsey at Baby Shower Baby Shower Decorations

I got the DIY instructions for the tissue paper pom poms here. Those instructions include various sizes of pom poms and even flower-shaped ones, too!

Congratulations to beautiful mommy-to-be, Kelsey!

DIY: Santa Hand Ornament & Santa Onesie

Due to the fact that my hubby and I are expecting our second child soon and cash is tight, we decided to go DIY for this year’s Christmas presents for our parents. My friend Ashley had shared a post about making salt-dough hand ornaments painted like Santa–I immediately screen-captured it and went to work!
The ingredients are simple: 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 water
The instructions are even simpler: Mix together ingredients, make child’s imprint in salt-dough, make a hole in dough to hang ornament from ribbon, cut off the excess dough, bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours. I recommend baking the ornaments on wax paper–the first batch I made stuck to the cookie sheet and looked really gnarly on the back.

Here’s how they turned out!
I put my hubby to work with his mad painting skills! He is a better artist than I am.

In keeping with tradition, I dressed up my son as Santa again this year, but on a budget. Last year I was able to buy a Santa suit that fit his one-month old body… This year,instead of buying a onesie, I made my own!
I used 50% off coupons at JoAnn’s to get my supplies and followed a design that I found online…
I think it turned out fantastic!

One final note: with the start of the New Year, I’ve decided to participate in the Picture of the Day challenge once again! Every week, I will make one blog post with all of my POTDs (I post them on Facebook, too, but, you have to be my friend to see my photos). Happy New Year!

DIY: Wedding Invitation Ornament

I’ve been hanging on to my best friend’s wedding invitation for over a year now because I had this special project in mind for it. I picked up the ornament bulb at Michael’s for $1.99 (I used a coupon and got it half off, score!).
So I got to work with my X-acto knife and curled the strips I made…
Then I simply inserted the curled strips of the wedding invitation into the ornament bulb randomly. I tied yellow and beige ribbon to the top and BOOM–
Ain’t it beautiful! I hope my best friend will enjoy her wedding ornament for years to come. It’s a great way to show my appreciation for being asked to and serving as her attendant during her wedding.

DIY: Garden Stakes

For the past 3 years, I’ve kept a garden with my dad in his backyard. This is my first summer as a homeowner that I will be able to keep my own garden! Exciting, I know…
After purchasing my choice veggie plants, my hubby went to work building me one long raised gardening box, and I went to work creating little name stakes for each one of my veggie plants. Here’s what you need:
small paintbrush
black acrylic outdoor paint
spray paint (color of your choice)
clear coat spray paint (not pictured)
12″ crafting dowels
crafting tags (I found the Darico Finishing Accent tags at JoAnn’s)
thin wire (I found some crafting wire at the dollar store)
Start by spray painting your tags. I chose to paint my tags bright orange. Once you’ve sprayed both sides and allowed them to dry, hand paint the name of each veggie you’re planting on each tag. Then spray with the clear coat. Be sure to do both sides!Image
While the tags are drying, use a small Dremel tool to drill tiny holes in your 12″ dowels. Cut a piece of wire for each dowel so you can attach your tags to them.
Once you’ve attached all the tags to the dowels, have fun replacing your old plastic tags that came with the plants with your new and improved DIY tags!
No more straining to read the smaller, plastic tag! YAY! Now, it won’t be hard to decipher what each plant is once they have fully matured and taken over the garden box in lush greenery.
Here’s a before and after of my garden…
My hubby put up chicken wire to keep the bunnies at bay.

DIY: Father’s Day Cards

For this Father’s Day, I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. Being my husband’s first Father’s Day, I wanted to celebrate by creating a special card for him from our son, Charles. So, last week my SIL MacKenzie  and MaMa Joan (my mother) helped me make these awesome Father’s Day cards for all the fathers in my life…
MacKenzie’s son Silas even got in on the fun and made his footprint tractor card for his daddy, too!
This project was super easy.
Here’s what I used:
green, yellow, & black acrylic paint
paint sponge brush
painter’s pad paper (to make the cards)
small paintbrush

First, I enlisted the help of my trusty SIL MacKenzie and MaMa Joan to help me swipe green paint on my son’s foot. Then, MacKenzie “stamped” his foot on each card using a rolling motion.  The rolling motion works best for fidgety infants (thanks for the help Mac & mom!)

After the footprint dried, I simply free-hand painted the tractor parts around the footprint according to the pin from Pinterest. It was a fun project and I can’t wait to do it again using another idea from Pinterest!

Side note: My grandfather on my dad’s side actually didn’t see the footprint in the tractor painting at first. Grandma had to point it out to him!

DIY: KitchenAid Mixer Cover part 2

With the help of MaMa Joan and her awesome sewing skills, the KitchenAid mixer cover was finished today!
MaMa Joan got to work quilting the separate pieces of the cover. She does excellent work, don’t you think?!
After MaMa Joan quilted the pieces, I had to cut them out according to the template size…
Then MaMa Joan worked her sewing magic and voila!
I apologize for the crappy difference in picture color, but you get the idea! Now my mixer won’t get dusty sitting on my counter top when I’m not using it.  Special thanks to my MAMA!
Once again, here is the tutorial I used to make this project. Thank you to the creator of this awesome tutorial and wonderful idea!