DIY: Garden Stakes

For the past 3 years, I’ve kept a garden with my dad in his backyard. This is my first summer as a homeowner that I will be able to keep my own garden! Exciting, I know…
After purchasing my choice veggie plants, my hubby went to work building me one long raised gardening box, and I went to work creating little name stakes for each one of my veggie plants. Here’s what you need:
small paintbrush
black acrylic outdoor paint
spray paint (color of your choice)
clear coat spray paint (not pictured)
12″ crafting dowels
crafting tags (I found the Darico Finishing Accent tags at JoAnn’s)
thin wire (I found some crafting wire at the dollar store)
Start by spray painting your tags. I chose to paint my tags bright orange. Once you’ve sprayed both sides and allowed them to dry, hand paint the name of each veggie you’re planting on each tag. Then spray with the clear coat. Be sure to do both sides!Image
While the tags are drying, use a small Dremel tool to drill tiny holes in your 12″ dowels. Cut a piece of wire for each dowel so you can attach your tags to them.
Once you’ve attached all the tags to the dowels, have fun replacing your old plastic tags that came with the plants with your new and improved DIY tags!
No more straining to read the smaller, plastic tag! YAY! Now, it won’t be hard to decipher what each plant is once they have fully matured and taken over the garden box in lush greenery.
Here’s a before and after of my garden…
My hubby put up chicken wire to keep the bunnies at bay.