Fishing & Grilling Salmon

Papa David & Nammy Joan took the kids out fishing yesterday in Hudson, WI, and while Papa was the only one to catch a small perch, we were still able to grill up some salmon he had in the freezer. Before I get to the salmon recipe I used, here are a couple pics of the kids with the one and only fish Papa caught!
Katsie was brave enough to take the fish from Papa! A girl after my own heart.

After fishing, we headed home to grill up some salmon. I hopped on to search for a good recipe to make a salmon. I normally follow the rules that my brother-in-law Jason’s dad follow (only make recipes with 5 star ratings) but when I came across Maple Salmon at 4.5 stars with 2,200 ratings, I HAD to try it.
Just mix up:
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

Marinate a pound of salmon in the mixture for 30 minutes. Then grill it up using tented-tinfoil. Voila!
It was so delicious. I didn’t think the maple flavor would go so well with salmon, but I was glad I was wrong.


“Baby Cakes” Cake Pops!

Nammy Joan came over today to help my niece and nephew, Katsie and Jacob, make cake pops! Nammy Joan bought her “Baby Cakes” cake pop machine from Micheal’s craft store (using a coupon, of course).
Nammy Joan’s cake pop machine came with a couple different cake recipes, and we used the vanilla recipe to create our pops. Here are the kids helping Nammy make the batter…
We used a plastic zip bag to dispense the batter into each cake pop vessel…
And the machine came with a handy dandy double-pronged tool to take the cakes out…
The cake pops only took about 3-4 minutes to bake—really fast!
Then we dipped them in melted chocolate and peppermint white chocolate.
Sprinkles were applied while the chocolate was still melt-y. Then the cake pops were propped up in a foam block to solidify. (nevermind the cake pop that slide down it’s stick…)
These cake pops are so good, I have already had about 3 of them! Thanks, Nammy Joan, for helping the kids in the kitchen today!
Lastly, here’s “URANUS” cake pop. This was all Nammy Joan… She was cracking up at this cake pop’s shape…Image

Beer-Candied Bacon

Last Sunday, for Father’s Day, I made my hubby beer-candied bacon for breakfast. I found the recipe on Pinterest… I think one of the people I follow had pinned it and, naturally, I HAD to test it out on my hubby. He RAVED about it! I loved it, too. I am definitely going to be making this recipe again.

Beer-Candied Bacon (The recipe can also be found here)
1 lbs thick-cut bacon
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons beer

1. Oven @ 400F. Combine brown sugar & beer.
2. Set a wire cooling rack on top of a rimmed baking sheet (I used tin foil on the rimmed baking sheet like the original recipe called for, but found that it stuck to my pan and made for difficult cleaning). Dip bacon in sugar/beer mixture and set on top of cooking rack on baking sheet.
3. Oven it for 10 minutes at a time, brushing with sugar/beer mixture at each 10 minute interval until bacon is crisp. (Mine took 3, 10-minute sessions)
4. Cool 1 hour and enjoy!

My supplies, including Hormel (just for my friend Kelsey & her hubby) Black Label thick-cut bacon & Leinenkugels Honey Weiss.

The finished product

Stuff I Love: The Pampered Chef

I’m gonna give you a disclaimer right up front–I love Pampered Chef products and, as a former consultant, I shamelessly hock this stuff for my sister Melissa Guinn, a current consultant. If you want/need anything Pampered Chef, order through her website!

Anyways, my younger sister Chastity hosted a Pampered Chef party at her place this evening and we had a blast! Here’s a picture of Melissa, giving her Pampered Chef spiel and cooking up some BBQ chicken in the Deep Covered Baker.
We played a game while the BBQ chicken was cooking–for every question you asked Melissa about her business, she would give you one ticket. At the end of the question-asking, she drew a ticket out and that person won The Pampered Chef Itty BItty Bevs drink mix. Well, my mom and I pooled our tickets together and guess who ended up winning the drink mix…
My mom, MaMa Joan, the non-drinker!  HAHHAHAHAH! She promptly handed it over to me, because I’m her favorite daughter.
And to top it off, here’s a picture of the completed BBQ chicken on a King’s Hawaiian roll. NOM NOM NOM!

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Thanks to my gorgeous sister Karissa, I am addicted to the most flavorful, fun cupcakes my mouth has ever laid its taste buds on–Gigi’s Cupcakes. My mouth was first introduced to Gigi’s cupcakes a couple years ago when my hubby and I were visiting Karissa in the dirty south. I lovingly refer to the ATL as the dirty dirty. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I came to find out that there is a Gigi’s Cupcakes location in Minnesota! But alas, it’s all the way over in Golden Valley and I live clear across town. Here’s where my sister Chastity comes in–she is just a doll because when we all met up at my parents house to greet my oldest sister Melissa and her family, Chas had Gigi’s cupcakes in tow. I immediately cued the gates of heaven opening chorus and bowed on my knees, praising Chas and her awesomeness.

So, a few words about Gigi’s and why I love their cupcakes so damn much… Everyday Gigi’s has a different menu of cupcakes available. Today’s menu included mini cupcakes, which is what my sister opted for in order to give me the best value for my taste buds. Today’s assortment included wedding cake, birthday surprise, peanut buttercup and miss princess. My favorite is wedding cake. NOM NOM NOM! See the delectable pictures below!

Dinner: Kate’s Healthy and Delicious Mediterranean Vege Wrap

Okay, I would have just titled this recipe something simple like “Mediterranean Wrap,” but Kate Gosselin says otherwise. Her Healthy and Delicious Mediterranean Vege Wrap is delectable! Hubby loved the taste so much, he had seconds!


I used Mission’s sun-dried tomato basil wraps, Target’s Archer Farms spinach & artichoke hummus, and Athenos traditional feta cheese. I forgot to snap a picture of the jar of roasted red peppers I used, but there was only one brand available at Target, so that’s what I had to deal with. Still, it was awesome.


And yes, I do follow Kate Gosselin’s blog from time to time. I have enjoyed her Turkey Corn and White Bean Chili on many occasions. I know my sister Chastity loves that recipe. Kate Gosselin also has a cook book coming out in September that you can pre-order now. Someone let my husband know about this book so that he can surprise me for Christmas. k, thx.

*I am an unashamed Kate Plus 8 fan… what can I say…